I met some very inspiring people today who are doing incredible work. FAWE is an organization founded in 1993 in Kenya to promote cultural and gender equality. It is now established in forty six countries; Senegal being one of them.  

Their focus is to help provide girls opportunities and access to complete their studies and achieve at all levels.  

They told us that many girls leave school between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. The primary reasons being poverty and early marriage. Often when a family can only afford to send a child to school they will usually pick the boy. 

So FAWE helps to incorporate equality education into pedagogy. They focus on improving awereness around issues of reproductive health, protection from violence, fighting poverty, good citizenship and conflict resolution.  

They have these wonderful projects: 

1. Boys and girls clubs so everyone can learn about equality. 

2. A club for mothers so they can understand and encourage their daughters. 

3. Scholarships for girls - often all the way to university.  

4. Promotion of girls in STEM fields, which I am personally very excited about.  

5. Connect them with mentors to encourage and inspire them. 

6. And my personal favorite, the competition for Ms. Mathematics and for Ms. Scientist. How lovely is that.  

I want to continue a relationship with this amazing organization - raise money, have pen pals with my students or even help pay the tuition for a girl. It's so encouraging and heartening that there are so many people making this world a better place.